Open Rockford Makers Wiki

Welcome to the Rockford Makers Wiki

This is currently a new, work-in-progress wiki intended for information, instructions, and operations for Rockford MakerSpace. We have active Facebookand Meetupgroups for discussion.

We are a grassroots community effort

This wiki is in need of additions and edification, and it is up to you, Dear Fellow Maker, to help out and build it! If you see any red links or missing content, please help out and add the page/content you wish to see here.

  • Have a question? Add it to the FAQ.
  • Equipment you really want to use at the makerspace? Add it to the wish list, and think of a plan/way to acquire that item.

General Information on Rockford MakerSpace

Shop and Equipment

This wiki and most of the contents are borrowed from The Bodgery. They have a more complete and comprehensive wiki that we aspire to build as well.