Rockford Makerspace Meetups are regularly scheduled meetings that provide learning and collaboration opportunities for individuals with like interests.

Current groups include:

  • Arduino/RaspberryPi/Electronics
  • Creative Re-use (Coordinated by Joanna Dowling)

Meetup Coordinators organize the Rockford Makerspace Meetup groups. The Coordinator is not necessarily the one that presents a topic at a Meetup, but is responsible for ensuring that the meeting is relevant and worthwhile for the participants. Meetups can either be coordinated by an individual or co-coordinators.

Meetup Coordinators are responsible for:

  • Establishing a regular meeting date, time, and location
  • Developing a schedule of presenters and/or topics (ideally several months out)
  • Posting to
  • Coordinating space and equipment needs
  • “Opening the door” and ensuring participants feel welcome (If unable to attend, the coordinator is still responsible for organizing a replacement.)
  • Creating event publicity (for dissemination by RMS Social Media Coordinator)
  • Posting photos and publicity of past events via website, Facebook, etc.
  • Updating Rockford Makerspace membership database as needed
  • Responding to questions related to the Meetup

If you are interested in being a Meetup Coordinator for one of our current groups (or if you want to start a new Meetup), please e-mail