What we wish we had...

Before adding to this list, please take a look at what we do have.


  • Bandsaw
  • Sanding
  • Router
  • Planer
  • Miter Saw



  • 3d printer, like MakerBot, and spools of material.
  • Decent PCs no older than 5 years
  • CNC Router
  • CNC Lathe (maybe the Tormach 15L Slant Pro)
  • Sewing
  • Micro-Brewing (Because Rockford doesn't have enough beer!)
  • Kiln and pottery tools
  • Kitchen refrigerator (Full size)
  • Glass making or glass blowing
  • Networking Equipment: PoE switch
  • Soldering irons, electronics accessories, multimeters
  • Plastic shredding, recycling
  • Injection molding
  • Safety Equipment: Burn-resistant and cut-proof gloves, safety glasses, safety shields
  • High speed machining and carbide tools
  • Air quality control, filters, supplies

Handy Materials

Note: We cannot accept too much or all material. The problem is, if we run out of space with material or need to dispose of it, it is a burden onto Rockford MakerSpace to do so. We also prefer to make space a priority for equipment and projects.

  • High quality pieces of wood and lumber
  • Solder
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • 3d printing filament
  • Metal stock (bars of aluminum, steel)
  • Plastic stock (bars and slabs of plastic, ABS, Delrin, recycled)
  • Electronic components: resistors, capacitors, diodes, relays, buttons, switches, etc.
  • Yarn and high quality fabrics
  • Shop towels and unused rags